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    KINGPAK company

    KINGPAK is a thriving company on the market.
    Quality wise it is one of the leading companies on the market.

    Customer satisfaction, dynamic action and stable development is our message.

    KINGPAK operates within the national market, providing its products to the most demanding customers. Our experience makes it possible for us to meet the expectations of our most demanding customers. We provide our own transport and collaborate with dynamic shipping operators, which allows the Customer to receive the product in record time.

    You are offered very good and selected products - those most-frequently purchased by our Customers. Our tradesmen reach all of our Clients who are interested in our products, supplying comprehensively both retail shops, companies and wholesale recipients.


  • BHP i Ppo┼╝. (OSHA and Fire Regulations) Services

    BHP i Ppo┼╝. (OSHA and Fire Regulations) Services

    Our company provides services in the field of serving OSHA and Fire Regulations duties. Our offer is directed to City Councils and Counties, schools, production companies, discount shops, micro-, small and middle enterprises.

    Our collaboration offer can cover supervision and counselling in the field of BHP, Fire Protection, First Aid structure organisation, based on the collaboration agreement for an indefinite period of time, as well as providing specific services (e.g. BHP training, Accident documentation coverage, etc.)

    In a company which hires 100 employees, it is not the employer's duty to perform BHP training. His responsibility is to entrust a worker employed at another job with performing the training (art. 23711 ┬ž1of labour law) Should there be no competent employees, the employer is allowed to entrust a company from outside the enterprise, specialised and qualified in BHP training with these responsibilities (┬ž4 pkt.4 Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 2 December 1997 on BHP training).

    We promise a negotiable and individual way of settling prices, deadlines, and forms of payment.
    We invite you to collaboration.

    Yours sincerely
    Specjalista ds. BHP i PPo┼╝.
    Jerzy Kr├│l
    tel. 793 392 053

  • Comprehensive BHP (OSHA) services (outsourcing)

    Comprehensive BHP (OSHA) services (outsourcing)

    The most important services provided by our company within the agreement:

    • Providing BHP and Fire Regulations training in enterprises,
    • Introductory and period trainings in the filed of BHP and Fire Regulations (individual and group trainings)
    • Evaluation and documentation of occupational hazard,
    • Covering BHP and Fire Regulations instructions, work regulations and procedures.
    • Recording research results and analysis of factors harmful to health in work environment,
    • Accident documentation coverage,
    • BHP and Fire Regulations counselling, as well as legal and technical work security advice
    • Period analysis of BHP and Fire Regulations condition
  • BHP and Fire Regulations training

    BHP and Fire Regulations training

    Every training is supposed to provide crucial information for the participants in an approachable and interesting manner. We apply verified pedagogical methods. In order to make the provided information attractive we use DVDs, multimedia presentations and other didactic materials. After each training the participant are provided with an introductory BHP training card (general instruction) or an appropriate certificate.

    The trainings usually take place in the employees' company in order to provide the participants with the maximum comfort.

  • Accident documentation

    Accident documentation

    Employers are responsible for providing post-accident documentation for those employers who underwent an accident at work or on their way to/from work.

    Our offer includes providing you with services connected with actions required by law, including collaboration with ZUS and GUS within the preparation of the necessary documentation.

    The cost of preparing the accident documentation depends on the load of the consequences of the accident.

  • Occupational hazard evaluation

    Occupational hazard evaluation

    The labour law and the appropriate legislatives order that each job position be provided with a so-called "occupational hazard evaluation". Its role is to identify the existing dangers and suggesting changes which should help in limiting or eliminating these dangers.

    The employees should become familiar with the above document. It should be gradually updated. If similar dangers are related to different job positions, a common document can be drawn on the evaluation of occupational hazard.

  • Counselling


    Our offer covers counselling in the field of BHP (OSHA) and Ppo┼╝ (Fire Regulations):

    • Preparing analysis of BHP (OSHA) and Ppo┼╝ (Fire Regulations) condition ;
    • Occupational hazard evaluation and report;
    • Preparing instructions and procedures on BHP (OSHA) and Ppo┼╝ (Fire Regulations);
    • Participation in accident investigation;
    • Job position organisation (eliminating dangers), choosing means of individual and group protection;
    • Designing and introducing security and work health management systems;
    • BHP (OSHA) and Ppo┼╝ (Fire Regulations) auditing.
    • BHP (OSHA) and Ppo┼╝ (Fire Regulations) documentation (registry, reports, statements, analyses, etc.).
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