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    Our offer includes stretch films intended for hand or machine wrap and for unitizing pallet loads. We offer LLDPE multi-layer stretch films produced with "cast" method, which are highly resistant to puncture and tearing. We offer standard transparent films, opaque films and coloured transluscent films.

    Types of films in offer:

    • for hand stretch wrap palletisation, so-called hand stretch film,
    • for machine stretch wrapping palletisation, so-called machine stretch film.

    Stretch film is used for:

    • sealing pallet loads,
    • weatherproofing,
    • stain-proofing,
    • sun-proofing.
  • Hand Stretch Film

    Hand Stretch Film

    Used for hand palletisation - hand-wrapping of the pallet load. We offer films from 1kg to 3kg weight with 0,05 kg weight gradation, according to the Customer's needs.

    Technical details:

    Type of film Tape
    Thickness [my]*17-30
    Elongation [%]200

  • Machine Stretch Film

    Machine Stretch Film

    Used for machine stretch wrapper palletisation. Our offer will provide you with the highest quality film. We are able to provide you with such a type of film that will suit both your machine wrapper and your needs.

    Technical details:

    Type of film Elongation [%] Thickness [my]* Width [mm]*
    Power Plus200-25017-30500
    Super Power250-30017-30500

  • Jumbo Stretch Film

    Jumbo Stretch Film

    We offer Jumbo Stretch Film for co-packaging companies and meet their needs for machine and hand stretch film.

    The standard thickness of the film is 17-30 microns and the standard weight is 50 kg.
    For further processing, i.e. hand wrap packaging.

  • "Miniwrap"Stretch Film

    "Miniwrap"Stretch Film

    Designed for hand wrapping; thickness of the produced film is 9-40 micrometres, the guaranteed elongation is 100%; the film is wrapped with automatic machines equipped with tools controlling the length of the beam warp and the weight.

  • PE Food Wrap Film

    PE Food Wrap Film

    Food Wrap Film which meets the requirements concerning packaging and packaging waste stated in the 94/62/EC Directive, as well as the requirements in 2002/72/EC Directive concerning materials and products designed for food contact.

    Thickness: 0,08 - 0,20 mm

    Technical details:

    Shape Half-sleeve Tape
    Width [mm]150-900250-1600
    Thickness [my]13-15-19-2513-15-19-25
    Warp [mb]1500/1250/1000/7503000/2500/2000/1500

  • PVC breathing food film

    PVC breathing food film

    Highly elastic and transparent film keeps products wrapped in it fresh and and extends their expiry date thanks to its breathing abilities .

    It prevents the outside smell from affecting the product, maintains the natural taste and aroma and protects the product against drying.

    Types of films:

    • designed for hand wrapping,
    • designed for automatic wrappers.

    Elastic PVC films are used for packaging:

    • fruit and vegetables,
    • meat,
    • poultry,
    • cold meat and fish,
    • mushrooms,
    • button mushrooms and sprouts,
    • cake and bread,
    • sandwiches,
    • pizza.

  • Agricultural film

    Agricultural film

    Agricultural film, the so-called silage film is used for effective bale wrapping. Thanks to its specific features it creates a protective layer proofing against sun rays (UV), low temperature, and air. Forage wrapped in the film maintains its natural properties for a long time.

    Thanks to one-sided adhesiveness the bales do not stick to one another. Our film is multi-layered, produced with high-quality materials.

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