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  • Promotional bags

    Promotional bags

    Our promotional bags are produced with high-quality film. We also produce promotional bags with a special oxo-biodegradable ingredient, which makes their degradation process last from 12-24 months. You can find more information concerning the ecological aspects of our products on the following website: The website belongs to Ecoplastic Pˇ│noc, the supplier of the oxo-biodegradable ingredient (d2w) in Poland.

    Additionally, our company makes plastic bag prints with the use of flexography. We provide prints in Pantone and CMYK systems, both single- and double-sided, with the possibility of 8 colours in photographic quality. We offer a wide range of sizes, colours and film thickness, which makes it possible for everybody to choose the most convenient product.

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  • Promotional t-shirt bags

    Promotional t-shirt bags

    Handles: plastic handles, T-shirt bag handle.

    Other names: "t-shirt", "plastic bag", ?shopping bag?. Bags with side welds. These bags are most popular in supermarket chains, markets, pharmacies, beauty stores, bakeries, gas stations, and street markets. The biggest advantages of the product are: low costs and durability. The order payment is calculated individually for each Customer.

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  • Market promotional bags

    Market promotional bags

    Handle: "bean" or "kidney" die cut punch, additionally strengthened with backing or double film. The bag has a feet weld. Made of HDPE film. It is possible to order side welds perfect for shoe shop and toy shop use. It is the most popular type of bag, perfect for label clothes, cosmetics and shoe packaging and promotions. The main advantages of this model are: large promotional surface, load durability and its user-friendly shape.
    The order payment is calculated individually for each Customer.
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  • Loop /Tape handle promotional bags

    Loop /Tape handle promotional bags

    Handle: pressed loop plastic handles, so-called tape loop.
    Bag available in two versions: with or without welds.

    It is a very popular promotional bag, used by supermarket chains, local shops, clothing and shoe shops.

    The main advantages of this bag model are: its large capacity, durability, definitely the biggest promotion surface and its user-friendly shape.

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  • Thermo bags

    Thermo bags

    Handle: plastic with a clip.

    Highest quality thermo bag . Designed for carrying frozen or hot products. Maintains the right temperature (low/high) depending on our needs. Light and extremely durable.

    The main advantages of this model are: large promotional surface, durability, its user-friendly shape and affordable price.

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  • Reusable bags

    Reusable bags

    Reusable bags are undoubtedly the best way to promote the company's image. Kingpak supplies bags which have gained recognition during specialist fairs and among custom Customers thanks to their remarkable patterns. Kingpak, the main PP bag supplier promotes bags made of non-woven eco fabrics. In the times of ecology it is a unique marketing trick!

    All eco bags are made of ecological materials resistant to environment influence. In the right conditions the bags undergo biodegradation within 30 days without emitting toxic gases which cause natural environment pollution. They are washable!

    Its competitive price and the highest quality produce are the elements which we have joined in order to create the best promotional product for Your Company!

    Our offer includes:

    Reusable promotional greenbags/Eko:

    • Woven polypropylene eco bags,
    • Non-woven polypropylene eco bags,
    • Jute fiber eco bags,
    • Cotton eco bags.
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