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  • Cash register rolls

    Cash register rolls

    Cash register rolls and POS paper rolls are one the most popular products used in shops and companies. PACKER’s products distinguish themselves by their excellent quality, they are the best choice to meet the demands of anyone looking for the best quality products.

    The thermal paper used in the production of cash register and POS rolls is certified according to the most important regulations - such as FSC – and is environmentally friendly. It fits all known cash register models.

    Another fundamental aspect of cash register and POS rolls is the color endurance. Overprints are retained for 5 years, which enables tickets or receipts to be stored without any damage.

    The printing technology used together with the quality of paper lets us produce technically excellent rolls. They do not fade, they are resistant to changes of temperature, sources of heat and exposure to humidity. These are advantages which enable a new service to be developed: advertising on the back of receipts.

    Cash register and POS rolls may include a message on the back, in color or black-and-white: a logo, a picture, or promotional messages. In this way, the typical perception may change into an effective marketing tool used by shops, supermarket chains and other companies.

  • Customized cash register rolls

    Customized cash register rolls

    Thanks to the fact that we continuously keep track of new possibilities on the market, and our strong willingness to meet the demands of our customers, we have introduced a new product on the market: non-standard, customized cash register rolls.

    The customized cash register rolls have advertising space on the back, which allows companies to inform their customers about their offer in a different way. Advertising has an influence on brand recognition.

    They gain public attention and are particularly sensitive to promotion and advertising communication.  Nowadays, customized cash register rolls are a channel of communication, which enables your image and offer to be promoted widely, and at very competitive prices.

  • EFTPOS, calculator, scales, fax, thermal rolls

    EFTPOS, calculator, scales, fax, thermal rolls

    EFTPOS thermal rolls are designed to be used in POS payment terminals. They are available in various formats and are produced to fit the most popular cash machines (ATMs) and payment terminals.

    EFTPOS thermal rolls are produced according to FSC standards and binding regulations, which means that not only can you be sure that you are buying safe and the best quality products but also totally ecological ones. The FSC certification confirms that the paper comes from controlled forests. The quality, color saturation and resistance are other basic aspects when you choose EFTPOS thermal rolls.

  • Customized thermal paper rolls

    Customized thermal paper rolls

    We have introduced our new product: non-standard thermal paper rolls. Homologated according to FSC norms and offset print quality. These non-standard thermal rolls are a powerful tool of communication; they have advertising space on the back and big graphic possibilities. They are designed for all companies that want to reach their target group with their products and services.

    Rolls made of non-standard thermal paper are one way of advertising with the best distribution of costs. In supermarkets or department stores, the ads on thermal rolls enable the target group interested in the offer to be reached. It ensures maximum visibility, wide distribution and high-profit investment income.

  • Eco tickets

    Eco tickets

    Eco cash register rolls are 100% environmentally friendly.

    It is an intelligent alternative to traditional rolls.

    The Eco roll is intelligent because it is produced according to three principles close to PACKER: high quality, due regard to the environment and benefits.

    Ecological rolls are totally environmentally friendly, starting with the use of ethical resources, through the appropriate production mode to transport and logistics.

    The ecological rolls are made of resources that come from forests which are managed in a responsible way, a criterion for receiving the approval of the FSC.

    It is produced in plants powered by renewable energy sources and delivered to Schultz using logistics methods that aim to lower CO2 emissions.

    What is more, the cash register rolls are lighter than traditional rolls (48 grams in comparison to 55 grams). It is a choice that both optimizes and minimizes the use of cellulose.

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